The history of the "Heinz and Gudrun Meise Foundation for Children with Heart Disease"

Heinz and Gudrun Meise

The wish to help children from all
over the world who suffer from heart
disease prompted Heinz and Gudrun
Meise to establish a foundation for
children with heart disease.

The daily experience with patients suffering from very
serious heart diseases at the Cardiovascular Centre
at Rotenburg an der Fulda moved Heinz Meise, at
that time the manager of the centre, and his wife
Gudrun to set up the foundation on 8 January 1993.

The foundation's purposes are exclusively and
immediately charitable and it was very soon, on 12
March 1993, approved by the President of the
Regional Administration in Kassel.

Due to the charity certification which the Kassel
Revenue Office granted on 28 April 1993, donations
to the Meise Foundation are fully tax-deductible. This acknowledgment is examined by the tax office every
3 years. The last confirmation dates from June 2011.